Navigating Criminal Charges Of Domestic Violence

Complaints of domestic assault are easy to make, but the consequences of doing so often surpass the expectations of both defendants and complainants. In the climate of Ontario's zero tolerance policy, getting professional legal help to face the charges is a must, especially if you — like most defendants — want to work at getting the family back together.

Heelis Little & Almas LLP has been providing criminal defence for St. Catharines residents since 1976. Our lawyers have a keen understanding of both the law and local problems and will help you make the defence that meets the unique needs of your case.

Whatever The Complexities, We Will Tailor Your Defence Strategy

Domestic violence takes place between partners — legal or common law, current or former. It can encompass a broad range of offences, including:

  • Actual or threatened physical or sexual violence
  • Emotional, psychological or financial abuse
  • Threats of harm to other family members, pets or property
  • Stalking or harassment

What many people don't realize is that once the police are called to investigate an allegation, an arrest is almost certain. The accused may be released, but usually with restrictive conditions that prevent contact and communication with the complainant.

In such cases, we can work to change the conditions of your release or bail. Although too late, if your complainant wishes to drop the matter, we will create a defence in line with the goals of you and your partner. Our team approach and accompanying family law practice equip us to provide strategic advice should the charges be complicated by simultaneous divorce proceedings.

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