Legal Assistance For Estate Administration And Disputes

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Death unleashes a cascade of legal and financial issues that demand attention before the final affairs of the deceased can be settled. Without assistance, sorting through estate administration details can be complex and overwhelming for surviving loved ones who are unfamiliar with the process and struggling with grief.

Heelis Little & Almas LLP has been practising estate law since 1976. We combine extensive legal experience with a deep concern for our clients to make handling estate administration and disputes as smooth and efficient as possible.

Settling The Estate

Estate administration involves many steps. Our lawyers will ensure that each necessary task is handled accurately, thoroughly and in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. We will:

  • Validate the will in probate court

  • Identify assets

  • Arrange filing and payment of debts and taxes
  • Locate and notify beneficiaries

  • Ensure timely distribution of remaining estate assets

Representation During Estate Disputes

Should the estate's administration be complicated by a dispute, the lawyers at HLA are skilled in providing strategic advice as well as vigorous representation should litigation become necessary. A dispute may arise from:

  • An improperly drafted will
  • Ambiguous terms in a will

  • Disagreements between heirs

  • Claims of undue influence or mental incapacity of the deceased

  • Breach of duty by an executor or trustee

  • Disagreements between co-executors or trustees
  • Claims for increased support by dependants

Let Us Take The Burden

Our lawyers are ready to ease the load by handling final estate matters as quickly as possible. Talk with our lawyers today by calling 905-581-4242 or filling in our client contact form for an appointment in our St. Catharines office.