Legal Guidance To Protect Your Real Estate Interests

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Real estate is among the most significant and costly investments that individuals and businesses will ever make. Yet, as industry practices and related legislation continue to grow in complexity, unwary parties are left exposed to an increasing variety of risks, loss and liability.

Don't wait until the deal is done, only to discover that your interests were not sufficiently protected in the eyes of the law. The only sage way to make a transaction with security and confidence is with the early involvement of an experienced real estate lawyer.

We Will Scrutinize Every Detail To Keep You Protected

Heelis Little & Almas LLP has been providing dependable legal guidance to generations of homeowners, potential buyers, investors and businesses in St. Catharines since 1976. We will use our legal knowledge, farsighted insight and meticulous attention to detail to ensure legal protection for every aspect of your transaction.

We provide advisory and transactional service in all areas of real estate law, including:

Residential real estate

  • Purchase and sale agreements for existing properties and future developments
  • Title deeds and insurance
  • Mortgage and refinancing
  • Rental properties

Commercial real estate

  • Structuring of acquisitions and disposition deals
  • Commercial leasing and landlord-tenant disputes
  • Financing and mortgage issues
  • Land use and zoning

Heritage properties — We also provide legal help for the acquisition, conversion, historical designation and easement of heritage properties.

Consult With Us About Your Transaction

When it comes to real estate transactions, the best time to see a lawyer is early in the process. Don't wait until the deal is done. Call us today for a consultation by calling 905-581-4242 or fill in our online form and our office will contact you.