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Crime Prevention

Years of Experience


Most individuals facing criminal charges in St. Catharines have never been through Canada's criminal justice system before. If this is true of you or someone close to you, be assured that Heelis Little, Almas and Murray LLP is ready to step in as a trusted legal advocate.

Since 1976, we have worked hard to become the firm that local residents turn to when they need legal help. Whatever your charges, when you seek criminal defence help from us, you are a valued client — one who needs reliable guidance to mount an effective criminal defence.

Our firm has a deep interest in and commitment to the community. We understand local issues and perspectives. Most clients wish to resolve their matters quickly and move on with their lives.

We offer reasonable fees and practical advice aimed at achieving a cost-conscious outcome in the most expedient way possible. We will help you understand your charges, evaluate all your legal options and make a solid defence against charges involving:

  • Drug crimes — possession, trafficking and cultivation

  • Driving offences — dangerous driving, impaired driving and over 80

  • Theft and fraud — shoplifting, breaking and entering, and white collar crimes

  • Assault charges — assault, sexual assault and domestic violence

  • Juvenile crime — criminal offences by young offenders

We provide each client with discreet, personalized legal help to make a solid defence that reflects your best interests.

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